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About Wright-Way Plumbing

The Owner


Wright-Way Plumbing was started in 1995 by John Wright. John spent 15 years in the plumbing and pipe fitting industry before opening his own company. During these years he attended the apprenticeship program offered through the Local Plumbing & Pipe Fitters Union. The apprenticeship was a 5 year program and John graduated at the top of the class and was awarded the Durwood Phelps Award for Outstanding Apprentice.

John has always loved doing plumbing and never considered it a job as such. It is his passion and he has never taken a shortcut to obtain his level of professionalism. He enjoys helping those with plumbing problems and is able to understand the theory of plumbing and troubleshooting problems others cannot.

Wright-Way Plumbing has been recognized and given appreciation for sponsoring the State Apprenticeship Program for 10 years.

The Team


Our field team is dependable, knowledgeable, professional and courteous.
They are uniformed and drive well marked vans carrying
a large assortment of repair parts.

Our company motto is simple but to the point...
"Do Good Work & Be Honest"


We put God, Family and Business as first priorities!



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